If you have been following along with us on Instagram, you already got a sneak peek of our day at Stourhead. It was such a wonderful place to visit that it really deserves its own post.

What is Stourhead?

Stourhead is a very old estate with a Palladian style house and the most beautiful grounds and gardens with lots of surprises. You might recognize it from one of the many films and TV shows that have been partially shot here, including a scene from the 2005 Pride & Prejudice.

It is now partially owned by The National Trust and open to the public. You can buy a traveler’s membership or Touring Pass to the National Trust which will get you into Stourhead and many other British gems. Otherwise you can just pay for your entry to Stourhead at the ticket office on-site.

What will I see?

  • The House: For our visit, we started at the house and walked through the grand rooms. You’ll learn about its history and the lives of its former and current inhabitants. There is also a surprisingly large art collection on display throughout the house.
  • The Gardens: I don’t want to give too much away, because it was really fun to walk around and stumble upon the next building or feature in the grounds. You can tell a lot of thought was put into the creation of the paths, the planting of the trees, and the little temples and other features scattered around the park. It seemed like every step we took gave us a new vista to enjoy. Dogs are allowed in the gardens after 4pm.
  • The Spread Eagle Pub: There’s also a very nice little courtyard with a pub and picnic tables. It’s a great spot to rest a minute and enjoy a drink or ice cream.

How do I get there?

It is somewhat off the beaten path, but if you’re in the Somerset area we highly recommend a visit. You’ll need a car to drive out to Stourhead. Once there, you’ll find plenty of (paid) parking. Make sure you wear your comfortable walking shoes. There’s so much to see and you don’t want to miss out because of a blister!

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