On Saturday, we braved our hay fever and went to Barrington Court. We couldn’t have asked for a better day to visit! When we arrived we found a special event happening. There were cricket matches and a jazz band playing 1920s and more modern classics. All of this made for the perfect atmosphere to see this stunning old home and its orderly gardens brimming with flowers, fruits, and veg.

What is Barrington Court?

Barrington Court is an estate consisting of a Tudor manor house with working orchards, gorgeous gardens and fields. There’s also a lovely tea room that overlooks the gardens and outdoor buildings which house shops for local craftsman.

The estate has existed since the 11th century, but was purchased in the 1900s and re-done for the Lyle family to live in. While it’s bones are very old you can feel the influence of the 1920s on the place in a really enjoyable way.

Barrington Court is part of the National Trust. For more on that read this post.

How do I get there?

Just like Stourhead House, your best bet is car, but if you are in Somerset you should really go. Once there, normal walking shoes will work for the house and gardens.

What will I see?

We began with a little wander around the kitchen gardens. After admiring the pears, kales, and fruit trees, we went into the tea room for a cream tea. The house tea was very nice and Joel had a glass of the house dry cider (made from apples grown in the orchard).

After tea, we walked through the house. It’s a really interesting maze of rooms with a lot of intricate wood carvings and interesting tiles brought to the house from Belgium by the original Mrs. Lyle. Don’t forget to look up. The ceilings are charming!

We finished up with a more thorough walk through the gardens. I’m not sure how often special events take place, but it might be worth while checking out the calendar. We really enjoyed seeing the cricket and then hearing the music as we walked through the estate. I think every historic home I visit is my new favorite, but this one is really something special.

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