JFK is one of the worst airports to deal with so you’re going to want to find a way to spend as little time in the terminals as possible. Private lounges can be a great alternative. If you book tickets in business class you get free access to the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse. When booking our flights, we gave ourselves plenty of time to enjoy the lounge between landing and take off. What we didn’t realize, was that we would have to wait around an hour before the lounge opened.

Clubhouse hours are: Mon.- Sun. : 5:00am – 8:00am​ & ​2:30​pm – ​9: 00​pm

A Place to Chill & Relax

The overall feeling of the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse is calm. In late June 2017 it is starting to feel a little tired, but still well designed. There are many comfortable sitting options: semi-private alcoves for working, a dinning room for enjoying a a meal, and lots of other chairs and small tables near the windows. A spot near the windows allows you to watch planes arriving and taking off.

What’s on the Menu?

The menu offers tasty bites in the form of tapas as well as entrees in larger portions. The highlights for us were: the empanadas, bone marrow poppers, and the deviled eggs.

We sampled a few cocktails. The dry gin martin was perfect. The Virgin Redhead is a decent balance of sweet and tart. This is the complete menu from June 2017.

Special Features

  • Spacious private shower rooms. If you’ve had a long travel day there’s nothing like a hot shower to make you feel a little more rested.
  • Spa services are available. I would suggest booking your service as soon as you check in, because the spa can get pretty busy.




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