A great AirBnB experience goes beyond comfort and cleanliness. It really depends on the host. We had such a fantastic host in Lisbon that it got me thinking, what makes a great AirBnB host?

The Welcome

First impressions set the tone for your whole stay. Being met on time for your check-in by a friendly host who is excited for you to experience their city is ideal. Our host had local wine and pastel de nata waiting for us—a thoughtful and welcome touch.

Knowledge of the Area

After a tour of our apartment our host, Gonçalo, gave us a quick run down of the area which helped us get our bearings. He also went over transportation options, gave us tips on safety, and offered several ideas on where we should go for dinner. He also emailed us a list of his recommendations for things to do and where to eat. They were super helpful!

Our Host’s Tips for Lisbon

  • Lisbon is a safe city, but does have pick-pockets. It’s best to not walk around with your phone in your back pocket.
  • Avoid the trolleys during the day. They get too crowded! If you want to experience them opt for a morning or late evening ride, they’ll be less crowded then. But also, the trolleys are expensive compared to Uber or walking.
  • We followed a lot of his food recommendations and you can read more about them over here.

Gonçalo loves Lisbon and his excitement for the city is contagious.

Wifi and Fans!

Our apartment was in a recently renovated building and was very modern and clean, but it didn’t have air-conditioning. Thankfully, Gonçalo had fans in every room and with those and opening the windows we had a nice breeze and comfortable temperature.

The apartment also came with a pocket-sized mobile wifi hotspot. It was a really helpful thing to include!

Check the Reviews

When other travelers experience a great AirBnB host it really shows in the reviews. Nearly every review for Gonçalo included a mention of how helpful and welcoming he is. If you see glowing reviews for the host you’re probably onto a great place to stay.

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