Uber in Portugal – What You Need to Know

The Uber experience can vary a lot from country to country in Europe. Even within the UK and Ireland the local laws make Uber different in almost every big city you visit. In Portugal, though, Uber feels really similar to how it does in any city—except maybe San Francisco—in the USA, with lots of drivers available and waits of 2-5 minutes in major cities. The biggest difference is just how affordable it is. In fact, in Lisbon, catching an Uber will cost you less than public transportation or taxis.

Airport Uber pick-up location

If you’re hailing an Uber from the Lisbon airport, you should know that the pick-up location is at the departures drop-off area on the second floor. We were frantically running around trying to find our driver before we figured this out. When we met up with our driver he was very kind about our confusion, but it was stressful calling a car and then realizing we didn’t actually know where to go.

I’ve experienced similar confusion at other airports (Dublin is another tricky one), but Lisbon was particularly difficult. Basically, when you get your bags, you’ll want to head back upstairs and over to Terminal 1. There’s a drop-off area across from the terminal entrance — look for cars pulling up and letting people out. Head across the main driveway to the small parking/drop-off area and wait for your driver.

Getting around Lisbon and Porto

Our most expensive ride, from the airport to our AirBnB in Lisbon, took about 20 minutes with traffic and Lisbon’s crazy old street system. But all that cost us just a bit under €9. Most other rides around town maxed out at €4 whether we were headed to dinner or just were tired of walking.

While there may be trolleys and cabs everywhere in Lisbon, Uber is by far the quickest and most affordable option to get around. Even better, both Lisbon and Porto have plenty of drivers. We never waited longer than 5 minutes for a car to show up. We highly recommend using Uber when you’re in Portugal.

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