Start with Breakfast

Begin your day at Monocole Café. The design is darling and it is located on a quaint, village-like street of beautiful shops and homes. I was tempted by the pastries and granola options, but I went for the Swedish breakfast because I wanted to fill up for the day. It was delicious!

Shop and Drink Tea

After your coffee and breakfast walk over to Liberty London. Liberty is tucked slightly away from the major hustle and bustle of Regent Street (so many shops over there!) in a beautiful Tudor-style building. I recommend starting on the top floor in the perfectly displayed homewares and work your way down through fabrics and tea sets, past fragrances and handbags, and on to the boutique-like designer shopping on the lower levels. There’s also a flower and stationary shop that you don’t want to miss.

If you’re tired after all that shopping stop by the café for tea. Afternoon tea is served from noon-5pm.

If you’re refreshed from your tea and still wanting to shop, walk out the doors and into the fast-paced Regent’s Street shopping area. You’ll find everything from designer stores to H&M.

See Some Great Art

The Tate Modern | Entry: free

The best place to explore on your own might be a museum. I suggest a long afternoon at the Tate Modern. Housed in two buildings connected by a breezeway, you can see modern classics from artists like: Rothko, Dalí, Kusama, and obviously Warhol as well as lesser know works. The Tate excels in its presentation of art installations. It’s one of my favorite museums.

On this visit the the pieces that stood out the most to me where the pieces of material made from found objects (pictured above), an exhibit on the boundaries of paint and canvass, and a video installation from the 1960s (also pictured above).

You have several options for dinning at the Tate from cheap and cheerful sandwiches you can eat in the garden next to The Thames with stunning views of St. Paul’s Cathedral, a casual restaurant, a coffee shop, and a fine dinning restaurant. I’ve eaten in both restaurants and the food is very good.

View from the Tate

The top floor of the Blavatnik Building has a viewing terrace. The elevators are often crowded so opt for the stairs. You get a really nice 360° view of London.








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