To travel from Newcastle to London we opted for first class tickets on Virgin Trains. Train travel is a bit of  novelty to us Americans, but it also works so well in the UK. It’s a relaxing way to travel. If you can, plan for a train day during your next UK trip!

We tend to book our tickets online and then collect them at the station before departure. There’s a Virgin Train app if you feel like giving that a try.

First Class vs. Standard Class

The takeaway: First Class is worth it for the comfort and food service.

We have traveled both Standard and First Class and we highly recommend First Class if your ride will be longer than one hour, if you are traveling in a group of two or more, or if you plan to eat or work on the train. All of these things will be more enjoyable in First Class.

First Class
  • Free Wifi
  • Larger seats
  • Ability to choose and reserve your seat
  • A table with lamp and charging plugs
  • Complimentary meals and drinks (Menus)
Standard Class
  • No reserved seats
  • Smaller seats and no tables
  • More seats (3) to a row
  • Food available for purchase in the food car
  • Tickets average £50 less than first class

Newcastle upon Tyne to King’s Cross

We left Newcastle around lunchtime and both picked the sausage roll with brown sauce. We were also offered: cold sandwiches, fruit, and muffins. Two different drink trollies came by frequently. One with cold cold drinks, wine, beer, and spirits. The other with hot drinks: tea, coffee, and hot chocolate. Virgin Trains do their best to partner with local producers for many of the ingredients.

During our three hour train ride we caught up on some emails, read, and had plenty of time to enjoy the passing scenery. Trains are a great way to see a little bit more of the country while you get to your next destination.




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