Normally when we travel, we aim for the non-tourist experience. We want to eat what the locals eat and shop where they do and see interesting historic places and museums. But there are some things you can only do and see in certain cities.

Where else but London can you selfie in front of Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Parliament, and Buckingham Palace? All of these places are totally worth a look and at least a quick visit. They are also very near each other making it a simple matter to visit all of them in a single day or afternoon if you feeling like hustling.

On our last trip to London we had the pleasure of meeting up with our friend Mike who had never been to the UK before. We took an afternoon to run around the city snapping photos. It was a nice reminder of the uniqueness of a city we visit often.

London Post Card Tour Itinerary

Buckingham Palace

Let’s begin at Buckingham Palace. Stroll around the gardens, catch the Changing of the Guard, admire the impressive gates, and the imposing palace itself. You can tour parts of the palace from July 22nd to October 1st. (Ticket info.)

Regency Café & Westminster Abbey

On the way to Westminster stop off at Regency Café for a proper English breakfast.

Proper English Breakfast

Next stop, Westminster Abbey. It’s beautiful inside and out and very much worth a visit of an hour or two. (Visitor information.)

Parliament & Big Ben

Now walk over to Parliament and Big Ben. I recommend crossing the Westminster Bridge over The Thames for the best angle for photos. You can also stop by the London Eye if you fancy it. Note: The wait is very long to ride it.

Trafalgar Square & St. James’s Park

Pose with those iconic lions and visit the nearby museums and then head to St. James’s Park for a stroll of the gorgeous grounds. Admire the exotic birds and swans; they’re descendants of gifts to the monarchy.

Trafalgar Lions

Trafalgar Square Lions

St. James’s Park

Swans and waterbirds in St. James's Park

St Jame's Park

We highly recommend playing the tourist from time to time. There are still so many things we haven’t done in our own city. Which reminds me, we’re going to be doing a week long series of posts on Austin, Texas. Get ready, y’all!

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